How To Organize Your Staff To Get The Best Solutions

The growth of your company depends 100% on the personnel you hire, but it is the work dynamics that will determine the success or failure of the business …

Finding a suitable person who is capable of correctly addressing the needs of a project or company is a very complicated task, especially in the case of entrepreneurs who do not have much room for maneuver when hiring.

Factors such as time and reaction capacity always play against, qualities that are difficult to identify in the minutes that a job interview lasts.

And, in the case of having to have someone from the internal staff, there is always the possibility that they are not prepared for the required work, jeopardizing the viability of the project.

To avoid these problems, it is best to opt for modalities based on work teams whose work is directed to a specific objective with specific dynamics:


Each work team begins its work with a specific objective in mind, for example, the creation of a new project, obtaining an agreement with an important client or the organization of an important event for the company.

In every task, the secret is in focus. If from the first moment the work team is oriented to achieve a specific goal, having the objective very clear, the understanding of the problem is greatly facilitated and an optimal solution is achieved much more quickly.

For this it is important that each working group has a leader and each member knows exactly what their responsibility is.

Diversity of viewpoints

Having specialized personnel in different areas and making them coincide in the same work group to achieve a goal that may not have to do with their field of experience is always positive.

This situation will cause each member of the team to temporarily park their usual role to get involved in contributing fresh and new ideas .

Flexibility and speed

It is about having people capable of adapting quickly, and on the fly, to different work teams and projects of indeterminate duration.

We are talking about people who know how to get out of their comfort zone every day, from their usual tasks, to offer solutions to specific problems and situations, and who are able to return to their routine later without major inconvenience.

Being able to surround yourself with qualified and diverse personnel to be able to fulfill such a particular work dynamic can take time and money, but, without a doubt, it will guarantee a rapid and very positive evolution of the business project, generating long-term benefits.